Still need to be alert and get through your day? Try this hemp pre-roll, it produces a clear and uplifted buzz. It’s non-psychoactive properties combined with its reputation for making users feel at ease and upbeat makes it perfect for when you need to be active or just at social outings. It’s also known for its strong terpene profile that makes this dank, earthy, pungent strain an experience to smoke. It’s deeply flavorful, with a distinct taste and hints of lemon and cheese.


White Rhino is our prize-winning hemp flower. A hybrid of White Widow, this strain is a powerful and highly therapeutic one. White Rhino can put you in a daze for heavy relaxation and symptom relief. This popular flower strain won’t pack an immediate punch, instead the effects will gradually settle in. 

White Rhino Pre-Rolls

  • White Rhino’s high potency content allows an intense experience. The strain can cause full-body relaxation for nighttime, or it can provide an energy boost for the daytime. Unlike a lot of other hemp strains, White Rhino’s effects may not begin right away, and will instead begin to creep over your entire body for long-lasting relaxation. 

    People use this strain to improve:

    • Pain relief
    • Loss of appetite
    • Insomnia

Third Party Tested

Naturally Grown

Grown In The USA

Image by William Iven

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